Business travel made simpler, faster, better.

Managing business travel can be frustrating for employees and businesses alike. Employees want a quick and easy booking experience that matches their travel preferences; companies want to ensure their employees are booking travel appropriately, based on company policy and not wasting time doing it. The Deem online booking tool provided by Frenchway enables your employees to follow policy and use the best available rates while giving you control over their purchasing decisions.

Online Booking Tool Features

Personalized travel preferences

Employees can easily personalize their profile to their exact preferences, setting up seat and meal choices on flights and hotel preferences, along with notifications for family members and assistants to keep them informed. They can also add frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs and other travel-related programs

Employee adoption and satisfaction.

The Deem App and Online Booking Tool simplifies booking with an intuitive, consumer-like interface for shopping and buying. Search for ground and air travel options by time window and access thousands of results in seconds. View hotel options based on itinerary, check out hotel images and videos, and read TripAdvisor reviews to make the best in-policy decisions.

Integrated policy drives savings.

Building company policy is simple, but implementation and enforcement can be difficult. With Frenchway Travel and The Deem App, policies are integrated at every step of the travel booking process, saving your company money and time resources. Employees are kept informed with out-of-policy warnings throughout the booking process, so they know spending limits prior to purchasing.

Pre-Trip Approval

The Deem App’s unique Pre-Trip Approval and notification workflow provides the flexibility to review 100% of booking but only take action on those that stand out. This capability saves companies time and money by increasing underutilized savings such as virtual meeting and web conferencing alternative notifications and drives efficiencies by ensuring employees have the right travel visa prior to approval or via notification only to employees designated manager.

Automated Ticket Exchange.

Rebook, reuse or refund — reducing your unused ticket liability in just a sliver of time, and with unparalleled precision. The Automated Ticket Exchange reduces processing time and provides the highest level of re-pricing accuracy as it automatically recalculates complex fares, taxes and penalties for domestic and international flights — and signals users if lower-cost, in-program fares are available for exchange.

Powerful mobile app.

View and search for upcoming flights from your phone, and book hotels and car service based on location, brand, policy, Trip Advisor ratings, or price. Stay informed and share details with real-time status updates via email, voice, and text.

Key Capabilities

Take advantage of Frenchway’s negotiated rates and discounts and load your company’s pre-negotiated rates.
Tailor travel policies and restrictions. We’ll even help you set policies and restrictions if you don’t have them in place.
Easily replicate frequent trips and store your travel preferences to streamline future bookings.
Rebook, reuse or refund — Automated Ticket Exchange your unused ticket liability in just a sliver of time.
Automated rewards and miles from travel providers as specified in your travel policy.
Unique Pre-Trip Approval and notification workflow saves time and money.
Create, change and delete custom messages to communicate certain travel policy or supplier related info.
Receive automated notifications about changes to itineraries.
View and search for upcoming flights from your phone, and book hotels and car service based on location, brand, policy, Trip Advisor ratings, or price.