Corporate Travel

We satisfy the needs of our clients working for the fashion, movie and television industries, sports, music business, advertisement and the corporate world, i.e. all the companies and individuals whose activity and efficiency depends on their ability to travel.

Cars and Hotels

Thanks to its international partners, Frenchway Travel provides you with preferred fares on hotel rooms and car rental. A close collaboration with the biggest hotel chains allows Frenchway Travel to enjoy a privileged access to the most exclusive hotels.Last but not least, Frenchway Travel can provide you with valet parking services 24/7 and anywhere in the world.


Frenchway Travel offers complete packages designed according to your company’s traveling needs.We are committed to finding the best solutions to every aspect of your trip: planes, trains, hotels, car rental… even if it means finding the most complex combinations. Enjoy our custom services, reduce your traveling costs and maximize your personal comfort.

Planes, Trains & Boats

Our personalized services adapt to our variety of clients. Wherever you wish to go and however you wish to get there (plane, train, boat), let Frenchway Travel deal with the logistics of your trip. Its strategic presence both in New York and Paris and its international network allow Frenchway Travel to guarantee the best service according to its clients’ needs and at the best price.

Private Jets & Helicopters

You have to deal with impossible schedules and complex trips; with our international partners, we can organize your traveling
in private jets and helicopters. Our team of professionals will assist you and make it its goal to satisfy your needs, no matter the complexity of your itinerary or the number of passengers involved.